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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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means the complainant actually no longer wanted the investigation 4 percent and the sustained cases we found made sustained finding in 58 cases last year that's 8 percent of the 8 k housing 7 hundred and 8 cases we closed of the cases two were unnecessary force where we sustained one officer in one case and another 3 officers in one case moving toward the sustained allegations by type 50 percent of the allegations from neglect of duty and urban water action and discredited 9 percent
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unnecessary force 9 percent and one percent there were exclaims of the cases were racial bias and two were gender bias and 3 were racial and gender bias no sustained finding of bias this is a nationwide y where it is difficult to approve or disapprove bias one of the things that we do focus on if there are aren't other things to preclude a case from mediation
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tried try to mediate cases where there are claims of bias and the program is voluntary this takes the agreement of the complainant and the officer the officer needs to be eligible occ legal unit a comprised of 3 .75 full-time equivalent positions and the other two its third reading sam who is the policy analyst and dennis salazar who is the mediation and outreach two trial attorneys provide the 12u7b89 reviews and they prosecuted 9 officers and the
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commission case and the in 2014 we had fairly sustained report that exceeded 25 pages the work of the investigators as well as the attorneys moving to policy work and policy recommendations is an area that marianne works on it was a robust year for policy work and that's why we are advocating so strongly for an additional attorney on our staff to assist in the policy work and to assist in areas such a the customer satisfaction survey and in general report writing and the policy work that ms.
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marianne gaeblgd with the police department to complete the video and detecting and overcoming language barriers and provided train on language assess and work 0 the general order children of arrested parents and to complete the training video with the department and san francisco police department and community advocates policy recommendations made included the department 6.09 to require the police officer to provide the transmitted protective order and the protective ordinances and provide officer training for in capacitate proceeding in result of one losing once license unless one comes into the dmv
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and proefdz they're not incapacitated with regard to the training videos ms. marianne wrote the script for both of them with the police department and the chief did and the police commission did adapted the bullet officer initiated i'll back up the chief adapted it on the officers initiated incapacity proceedings moving towards emotion ore mediation promissory note program is an award-winning last year 50 case were mediated by pro bono and was represented more one monthly case closure
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she kit down the time to close a case by almost 70 percent cost savings and a greater satisfaction for complainant and officers outreach that the occ engaged in is outlined in the occs community outreach strategic plan and we've been told that this strategic outreach plan was the first in the nation from the acidic oversight we gave presentations with the classification of the group and the police department that resulted in policy recommendations and changes we gave presentation with the national association of or for the annual training conference
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and conducted training at the police academies for us as well as the recruits and we distributed the materials to community centers and libraries and other public places and we provide information on our website with information technology it has been challenging with only one full-time equivalent we regardless completed the online project that was with an outdoor vendor and maintained and enhanced our database computers and phones and other technology equipment i should say she do those things and also compiled for the data and monthly report and created a
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facebook page like us on facebook i want to thank the oracle harkened staff the attorneys and all of whom worked tireless to promptly fairly and promptly investigated the complaint and who are also dedicated to conducting the policy recommendations and doing outreach all with the goal of improving community and police relations. >> thank you director hicks questions on this report. >> commissioner mazzucco thank you to the occ i think you've gunning done a great job i came on when director hicks came on
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our doing an convalescent e excellent job i have a question of the customer satisfaction people fill those out are not happy campers they're upset with the results of what you've done have this looked that i give you credit for the satisfaction numbers but if didn't inadequate accurately recollecting reasonable how hard you work have you looked at that closely and commissioner mazzucco yes. we've looked it as closely as we can i certainly invite people that want to take on the project looking at our customer surveys and recommending how the questions might be better drafted and, yes it's a small
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group, however i also think that there's something to be learned from ones hash it critics and your annual reports are posted on our website do reflect the work we do so - i'm sure i answered our questions. >> i want to bring this to the publics attention but the number of police officers that are happy with the survey is this after participate in our ward winning emotion program tell the public about it the commissioners know summarize people make complaint and the complainants and officer is
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brought into the room with meters metered and an explanation how the people of the with the encounter with the police officer it's been successful i think what is the satisfaction rated from that program. >> answering our question the satisfaction exceeded 90 percent and the customer satisfaction survey is separate and apart from the mediation so the people that participated in the mediation received one survey people that don't participate in the mediation receive another survey so the survey where people are dissatisfied is the adversarial situation it is telling nearly an equal number
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of complainants and officers say we are bias on the other side so maybe we're doing something right. >> thank you commissioner marshall. >> so 0 real quick question on the caseload i investigated caseload the best practices 16 per investigator is that the controllers standard also. >> yes. commissioner marshall those are the numbers provides water by the controller in their 2014 audit of the occ. >> i think i heard you say currently 24. >> currently 24. >> i'm curious in the seven years you've been here what's
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the lowest has it every approached. >> i cannot imagine before 2014. >> as of today it was 28 not 24. >> i thought i heard low 20s never i teens. >> not close to the controller what they recommend. >> not the city faced budget lows and so we were not able to hire. >> inks we've had that before not in the report i think that the number etch recommendations made by the controllers report i think close to all of them; right? you've colonel filed
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with. >> thank you for the reminder commissioner marshall 45 and we have addressed all 45 of them this was the final the customer satisfaction survey was the final final now addressing the recommendations the recommendations were about process a lot of them about process but when it comes to 15 cases no, not that one you and i. >> that's not on you. >> thank you you're welcome. >> thank you commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus. >> some of those have been covered i want to say thank you for putting this report it is comprehensive power point and i appreciate that i heard you say
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going back to full-time. >> we're waiting for the board of supervisors to adopt that structure. >> (laughter). >> that recommendations. >> okay. that's important for us to support that donna salazar go back to full-time the mediation program continues for i want to support you and i'd like to support you on additional policy it is so important many on the list that needs to be done two questions oh you want to answer. >> i want to answer ms. salazar she does have a .795 position means she can be away from the office one day a week physically i say her work exceeds full-time
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as .75. >> i have a question on the complainant by the racial latinos and african-americans is that about up or about the same. >> off the top of my head commissioner dejesus i don't know if i recall it is pretty consistent with past years i object to send you an e-mail. >> that's okay. i was wording if we increased it if it stayed the same that will be great if you want to send me an e-mail i have a question one of the ferguson protests matter it is statistics the department of justice talked about the statistics that capture we don't catalog in a way to pull out
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officer involved shooting what the weapon and i'm is that sound like like something right to investigate what we can fit that go into and capture the statistics when it comes 0 officer involved shootings or profile we gather it i think we have it available to be analyzed. >> that's something through the department of justice and everything that's going on something we should structure and put into a policy. >> yes. commissioner dejesus the occ is happy to work with commission on developing recommendations for tools that the police department would use to gather it's statistics and
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provided additional statistics. >> you're welcome. >> thank you commissioner dejesus commissioner hwang. >> thank you also for a comprehensive report first, i want to do a followup to commissioner dejesus question does the occ have access is to the data collected by the police department or only when it's complaint generated. >> commissioner hwang that depends upon which information you're referring to if you're talking about disciplinary position that information is only the occ disciplinary information that we have with regard to any other statistics if we requesting the information from the police department the police department provides the information. >> so the data we're starting having a presentation on the racial stop data not the occ has
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normally - >> commissioner hwang that's correct not something the occ maintains or collects chief suhr collects. >> i see one suggestion for next year's budget this involves the outreach i know that a lot of city did not like the office of citizen engagement and ask for a grand budget and intact the outreach to community groups that's a way to build upon the occs outreach efforts some of the things i've heard from people they may not trust the eject they think that is part of the government or the police department or officer miss perception the same reasons the u.n. documented immigrant might not approach the police
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department it might be an idea to subcontract and have them help you in filing the report so subcontractors that are established in the community to help you with over and over those reports and help you through the language and cultural barriers to supplement occ or so i know we're too far in the game for this year's but to use the community subcontracting strategy. >> commissioner hwang we'll certainly explore that but the occ xhukdz confident investigations and by charter and by agreement we maintain that that confidentiality that there could be difficulty in
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intaikt any kind of operation that is, we hold near to the office in terms of background checks that are conducted, however to our point about exploring ways to reach the greatest number of individuals who could be impacted by proposals interaction we'll explore that thank you. >> thank you, dr. marshall back on the mike and one more. >> i don't want to make more work for you but do you really think that you don't believe that - it would be nice well seven years; right? >> seven years. >> thank you. >> it would be great this comes
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up commissioners how we've done over the years we would want to see how many complaints over the years up and down what 6 percent i hope i got this right 50 percent that was hundred and thirty you know if i did the math right it would be nice to see trends over the tune for us to what you like to see that - >> so i don't know if that is something i assume that's not hard to gather i'm sorry and commissioner marshall that will be hard to gather we chris and i talk about how to have different reports abused we have a lot of data now and there's data that
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shows trends with regards to the sustained rate over 20 years or so but in terms of occ staffing i spend 99 percent of my time writing reports that would be wonderful for the occ to get that additional attorney position and focus with ms. marianne on policy issues and developing reports that are more than just giving us data in various shapes and forms but can provide you greater greater analysis so it is an excellent
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suggestion beginning maybe take a couple of categories especially, after seven years in certain categories some things are gone i certainly i know or think this allegations and things i'd like to look at so jot that down somewhere in our book and see if we can make that happy. >> it's jotted down it's jotted down. >> director hicks first of all i'd like to congratulate the gentleman on his pend newspaper always i know he was here before we wishism him to the best in the you mean u upcoming wedding i want to thank you for to presentation and thank you, everyone at the occ for your
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work it is definitely recollected her director hicks you're a poultry advocate on behalf of the occ to meet the staffing levels that are so important to continuing to do great work certainly with the mayor's office i know you'll continue to be a strong advocate with the board of supervisors i can't thing the mayor enough and the mayors budget office they made a conscious choice in having a body cameras and the increased classes that part of the package that occ is critical to the health of the department and the health of the public safety safety it is great it is reflected in the mayors budget because as you can see you know the ability to identify and have public conference is in that process is important for the
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commission i think that is important and i also think your customer satisfaction survey is really important as well. they teach you in law school don't ask a question you don't want an answer to don't ask a question you don't want the answer when you open it up and ask people it shows a level of bravery and you're willing to hold yourself accountable the willing to hold yourself account and considering the officers asz as commerce it is revolutionaries to government we serve people i hope that we can get the numbers up 6 percent is low but as you noted the that concludes my report really what
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encourages the rigorous reports and so i feel like you guys can handle that piece i'm pleased that is underway and lastly part of reason i think the policy attorney is so important you said it on your first slide to investigate the police fairly and impartially and i always talk about that the policy recommendations but we have at ability based on our data and investigations to make policy that is responsive to what is happening based on the data we have and oftentimes police cabaret active in nature but huge resources the fact we're arguing for another attorney for support this work role doubles down on the system the voters
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picked and the board of supervisors to make sure we're doing our job i think that is great and colleagues the budget hearing will be next wednesday i'm not going to be be to attend the bar people will be there i wonder if someone will represent our commission to the board of supervisors and let them know how supportive we have imagine for director hicks colleagues? commissioner president loftus i have two more reports >> okay. >> so you have in our packets the april and may statistical reports last week i ran through the statistics with you but i will speak about the chiefs
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proposed aspirin on the sustained complaints in april and in may and the let me get to april in april chief suhr made finding and proposed discipline in 7 cases investigated by the occ and determined that by me to have sustainable allegations the ferries was neglect of duty and discredit this involved an officer engaging in bad conduct and using his cell phone while driving officer is retired although the
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chief concurs the construct was improper for cell phone use and the neglect of duty case involving an officer fail to adjust a juveniles handcuffs and the sergeant failed to properly present an independent report and the officer sergeant received reprimands and was retrapped and another involving discredit a general sxhuk order when the officer used the computer to - the officer was retrained and an officer's networking neglect of the duty failed to document he didn't find cause to